Lecture at the University of Victoria in Canada

On March 28, 2012, I was invited to give a lecture at the University of Victoria in Canada. The university's Center for Asia-Pacific Initiatives hosted two events, lectures and a symposium on March 28, and an international conference on April 10 and 11.


At the March 28 symposium, I gave a presentation titled, "Characteristics Comparison of Paper, PCs and iPads as Learning Devices" that I authored with Mr. Yasunobu Wada from KCCS, Kyocera Communication Systems, for about an hour including a Q&A session. This was about a comparison of the characteristics of paper, PCs and iPads based on joint experiments conducted by the CRET and KCCS. I spent 30 minutes giving the presentation and another 30 minutes on the Q&A session.


I received many questions during the lecture, and even after the lecture, students were eager to know about how to obtain related papers and documents. We had a great deal of discussion with the main questions being about the differences in the characteristics between PCs and iPads, the differences between keyboards and touch-panel interfaces, and the psychological distance or a sense of unity between humans and devices.


This lecture will be included in a book that introduces the lectures of about ten foreign researchers along with the contents of the April 10-11 International Conference. This will be published by the University of Victoria.


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◆Lectures and Symposium on March 28

"Progress in Technology: Educational and Social Changes"


◆International Conference on April 10 and 11

"International Conference on Innovations in Learning and Technology: Asia-Pacific Perspectives"


(Kanji Akahori, Ph.D., CRET Board of Directors)


Kanji Akahori

President of JAPET / President of ICT CONNECT 21

Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology

Up to the present day, he has worked as a senior high school teacher in Shizuoka, a lecturer and associate professor of Tokyo Gakugei University, and then an assistant professor and professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology. During his career, he has also served as a guest professor at The Open University of Japan and the UN University Institute of Advanced Studies, etc.

◆ Publications:
Invitation to Educational Technology, JustSystems, 2002
Instructional Designs as the Basics of Classes, Japan Audio-Visual Education Association, 2004
The Methods and Actualities of Class Designs, Koryosha, 2009
Classes for Information Morals that Nurture Communication Skills, JustSystems, 2010, and others


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