Researchers Overview

Staff list

Researchers of Assessment, Interpretation and Utilization of Educational Testing

  • Kenichi Arai

    Kenichi Arai

  • Akinobu Ando

    Akinobu Ando

  • Tadashi Inagaki

    Tadashi Inagaki

  • Kazutaka Kimura

    Kazutaka Kimura

  • Makoto Shimoda

    Makoto Shimoda

  • Masahiro Takamoto

    Masahiro Takamoto

  • Toshiyuki Tsuchiya

    Toshiyuki Tsuchiya

  • Rina Hasegawa

    Rina Hasegawa

  • Masaki Hisano

    Masaki Hisano

  • Shinji Fujioka

    Shinji Fujioka

  • Yasuhiko Morimoto

    Yasuhiko Morimoto

  • Masahiro Yachi

    Masahiro Yachi

  • Hanae Futono

    Hanae Futono

  • Michiyo Oda

    Michiyo Oda

  • Kazuki Miya

    Kazuki Miya

  • Akira Takahashi

    Akira Takahashi

  • Kosuke Ashino

    Kosuke Ashino

  • Other Researcher

    Other Researcher

Researchers of Development of testing Items and Content

  • Atsushi Aikawa

    Atsushi Aikawa

  • Tsutomu Inagaki (Fujii)

    Tsutomu Inagaki (Fujii)

  • Takafumi Sawaumi

    Takafumi Sawaumi

  • Miki Toyama

    Miki Toyama

  • Li Tang

    Li Tang

  • Masato Nagamine

    Masato Nagamine

  • Shuhei Miwa

    Shuhei Miwa

  • Tomohiro Sakai

    Tomohiro Sakai

  • Ryo Kainuma

    Ryo Kainuma

  • Masumi Noto

    Masumi Noto

  • Ayaka Sumikawa

    Ayaka Sumikawa

  • Other Researcher

    Other Researcher

Researchers of Advancement of Testing Technology

  • Kanji Akahori

    Kanji Akahori

  • Masayoshi Yanagisawa

    Masayoshi Yanagisawa

  • Toshihiko Takeuchi

    Toshihiko Takeuchi

  • Shogo Kato

    Shogo Kato

  • Yuuki Kato

    Yuuki Kato

  • Yuri Shumura

    Yuri Shumura

  • Hidenori Tachi

    Hidenori Tachi

  • Takeshi Kitazawa

    Takeshi Kitazawa

  • Noboru Wakayama

    Noboru Wakayama

  • Kiminori Usuki

    Kiminori Usuki

  • Yayoi Anzai

    Yayoi Anzai

  • Terumi Kobayashi

    Terumi Kobayashi

  • Go Ota

    Go Ota

  • Miki Yamamoto

    Miki Yamamoto

  • Kinuyo Nagata

    Kinuyo Nagata

  • Yoshio Goto

    Yoshio Goto

  • Hisashi Suzuki

    Hisashi Suzuki

  • Other Researcher

    Other Researcher

Areas of Research

This laboratory conducts research on test evaluation and analysis. We also perform joint research and exchange programs with overseas testing research institutes.

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This laboratory conducts research and development into testing approaches that measure communication skills, teamwork skills, and social skills, etc.

Dr. Atsushi Aikawa

Faculty of Human Sciences,
University of Tsukuba
Ph.D. in Psychology

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This laboratory conducts research on the foundation of computer-based testing, and basic research on media and recognition, as well as applied and practical research
that utilize such knowledge.

Dr. Kanji Akahori

Professor Emeritus of
Tokyo Institute of

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