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Researchers of Assessment, Interpretation and Utilization of Educational Testing

Mina Kisaki

Mina Kisaki

CRET Researcher

Columns and Reports


[Overseas Information] Direction of STEM Education and Organizations

It has been 17 years since the National Science Foundation (NSF) changed the acronym SMET to STEM. STEM/STEAM education has been expanding all over the world under various purposes such as national policies and international circumstances. Nationally and internationally, its importance is increasing. This article will roughly outline the stream and direction of STEM education and informatio...

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Areas of Reasearch in CRET

This laboratory conducts research on test evaluation and analysis. We also perform joint research and exchange programs with overseas testing research institutes.

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This laboratory conducts research and development into testing approaches that measure communication skills, teamwork skills, and social skills, etc.

Dr. Atsushi Aikawa

Faculty of Human Sciences,
University of Tsukuba
Ph.D. in Psychology

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This laboratory conducts research on the foundation of computer-based testing, and basic research on media and recognition, as well as applied and practical research
that utilize such knowledge.

Dr. Kanji Akahori

Professor Emeritus of
Tokyo Institute of

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